Hiroshima University was one of 22 research institutions selected to receive support from the “Research University Enhancement Project” during the academic year of 2013, and is aiming to be ranked among the top 100 universities in the world by taking the initiative to vitalize its research activities.

As part of this effort, the university selected 10 centers of excellence (COEs) that have clear objectives and the potential to be top-level research centers in the world. These centers receive support from Hiroshima University to vitalize and develop their research activities globally.

“Core of Research for the Energetic Universe (CORE-U)” is also one such COE, and consists of research groups involved in cosmology, astrophysics and particle physics.

Our objectives are as follows:

  1. To carry out advanced studies and human resource development through joint research with domestic and overseas groups as well as individual researchers.
  2. To unify each core member’s research and perform comprehensive studies on the evolution of the early universe, super-dense astronomical objects such as neutron stars and black holes, and ultra-high-energy phenomena such as supernovae and gamma-ray bursts.
  3. To develop unique research projects, such as the construction of an original miniaturized satellite, and the creation new interdisciplinary research areas in cooperation with researchers in fields such as Humanities, Social Sciences, Education and Engineering.

CORE-U is contributing to the following SDGs categories.

  • SDGs-4.3  Quality education
  • SDGs-9.5 Industry, innovation and infrastructure
  • SDGs-17.6 Partnerships for the goals (technology)