The director is responsible for operational and research activities of the core, in addition to establishing operational and research policy.

Strategy Board

Strategy Board members establish study processes and operational policy with the director.  This board is made up of the leaders of each of the research groups in CORE-U.

CORE-U Activity Support Boards

Each Core-U member belongs to the Research Board, Education Board, International Partnership Board, International Conference Board, Public Relations and Return of Research Results to Society Board and/or External Funding Acquisition Board. The purpose of each of these boards is to lead and support various core activities.

CORE-U Advisory Board

This board consists of Intellectuals from Hiroshima University and other research institutes and provides advice to the Strategy Board.

Assistant Professor by Special Appointment

The Assistant Professor by Special Appointment supports various CORE-U research activities.

University Research Administrators

Research administrators offer support in areas such as overall core management and grant acquisition.

Research Groups

Each CORE-U research member belongs to the High Energy Astrophysics Group, Quark Group, Theoretical Particle Physics Group, Theoretical Astrophysics Group and Infrared Astronomy Group. These groups engage in collaborations with overseas and domestic research institutions.